Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind

So . . . I basically love my job.
Not that it isn't really, really hard.
But my goodness, these kids are fantastic.
They're super stars! All of them are so special. :)

On Monday and Tuesday, I had two amazing teachers come in to help me. They are truly spectacular. And intimidating. But spectacularly special. :) They helped me out a lot, and freaked me out a lot with all the things I have to do.

But today, I went the day by myself. I did it all by myself! (Well, mostly. The kids helped me out A LOT.) And I felt like I did so much better, with the help of those to fabulous ladies and my kids (I think I felt less nervous and made less mistakes when I was by myself, honestly).

(And they're artists. :) I have the best students ever.)

So we're getting ready to start the upper-grade math class (who ever thought I'd end up teaching math? I always thought math teachers were evil. Hmmm . . . ) and one of my students says, "How come you're so pretty and you're not married?"

I know! It was the sweetest thing of my life! And of course I had to let them know that I'm going on a date Saturday . . . (Of course a chorus of "oooohhh!"'s followed) 

About that.
Let's call him Bil.
(can you guess the acronym? Betcha can't!)

Ever been on a blind date? Cause I sure haven't. He called me yesterday and left me a message that said something about how much he enjoyed my answering machine. :) Funny, my friend (let's call him Elder) (who I'm going out with next Tuesday) said he quite enjoyed it, too.

Ah. I must be cute.
How fantastic.

Are you sick of my boys with interesting pseudonames? I hope not, because here's one more.

The beautiful man I'll name Mr. O'Reilly.
Aye, Mr. O'Reilly.
Don't worry, I did a ring check two days ago.
I'm going to double check tomorrow.
(Sure hope he's not engaged or anything, cause golly gee.)

That's all for now.
alyssa kaylee

P.S. Simon & Garfunkel. Peter, Paul and Mary.
Gotta love the classics, man.

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  1. Gotta love kids! That's one of my favorite parts about teaching... they make you feel so great! :) Also, exciting news about all your secret-faked-name-men you're going on dates with haha I went on plenty of blind dates before Dan. They were always fun and when they didn't work out in the romance department, they always turned out to be great great friends.


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