Friday, November 18, 2011

I think I'm a little obsessed.


(Before the storm . . .)

(Waiting for our table . . .)

(In Olive Garden . . .
And as we ate, it snowed
and snowed
and SNOWED!)

And there you have it, boys and girls! It's the first real snow of the year! Which means it's still a little slushy, but it's snow nonetheless, and it's sticking!

You know, I used to always hate winter. I hated it so much, it was awful and terrible and sad and whatnot. But THEN, I realized, "Hey, I only strongly dislike winter time because everyone else seems to." And you know what I realized after that?


I can't even help it!
I love the wintertime . . .
Snuggling up in blankets . . .
Christmas . . .
Hot chocolate . . .
Playing in the snow . . .
and sweets 
and the festival of trees 
and sweaters 
and scarves 
and temple square lights!!
I can barely CONTAIN myself!!

How can so many people not like winter?

alyssa kaylee

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