Monday, November 7, 2011

We're all just a bunch of kids.

This morning at APA was fantastic!
I ended up teaching the whole reading lesson, and you know?
I did a pretty dang great job. :)

I have an observation tomorrow by the head honchos, and then I'll be going from a visitor to an instructor in no time.

(Sorry about the awful blurriness of this photo. Camera phones, y'know?)

I love those kids. I'm sad that I'll have to have a new group of students, but I know I'll come to love them just as much. They're absolutely darling.

 I promise I'll get my camera back soon. Life is a sad, dreary thing without it.

And guess what?
Six hours. Of church.
It's cause I'm extra righteous. (ha)
But really, it's because I'm ward hopping.
I went to my home ward, ate a hot pocket (it was fast Sunday. I know. I just always forget! I'll fast next Sunday, promise!!) and rushed off to single's ward.
(Mom is definitely forcing me to go, but maybe it's not such a bad thing?)
I met some new people, including a lovely lady named Jeni B. She totally understands my unwillingness to go to single's ward, but has been there for a year and is loving it!

I think Jeni B. and I will be great friends.


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  1. I need a job like that! How fun :)

    Pee. Ess. You look super cute in the photo!


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