Friday, December 16, 2011

The Adventures of ASK!

. . .
When you put Spencer, Kimmie, and Alyssa together, you get the acronym A.S.K.
(I thought it was sorta clever.)

 Meet Spencer and Kimmie. (They are prolly the most adorable brother and sister you should ever meet. And you really should meet them.)

 Kimmie had never been to the Clark Planetarium before (gasp!), so an adventure was most certainly in order for the three of us.

. . . . And of course, we took the train.

(stoic on the moon . . . )

 (and martians . . . on Mars . . . )

(Kimmie: This is NOT FROM EARTH! I can't get OVER it!!)

And then, oh readers, and then . . . I discovered a beautiful, over-priced land called Anthropologie.

 And I fell in love with it. It's such a beautiful vintage store! I love it!

 And last but not least . . . 

Storytime in the Hundred Acre Woods (with Grover, in what is very nearly my FAVORITE children's book ever. Of all time.)

alyssa kaylee

p.s. School's out! Halle-LOO-jah!

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  1. This is so fun looking! I've been dying to go to an Anthro store... but, alas, I only am a looker online. haha And I will have to one day check out the Clark Planetarium. ALSO, I loved running into you and Chels at the mall! SO great!


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