Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm like a chocolate-orange Ninja!

So I went to Walmart today.

I needed to get some things for lunch, and a treat for Chelsea. (She has her choir concert tonight, I'm so excited!)

I also decided that I needed THIS.

Not want, need.
You must understand.

Anyway so as I was checking out, I realized I had made a drastic mistake.
White chocolate.
Not milk.

As the walls of Walmart seemed to begin tumbling down around me, I made a great leap over the register and cried, "NOOOO!!!"
. . . But it was too late. She had already rung it up.
As I described my dire situation to the cashier, she said, "I'll keep, you get new chocolate. You pay for this and get new."

So . . . I paid for it, and returned to the aisles with my bagged, paid for items. I awkwardly slipped into the "seasonal" row and found the last box of milk chocolate orange. And then . . . when no one was looking . . . I slipped it into my bag.

I felt like I was stealing! It was so awful! I shouldn't have felt so awkward, but I hid because I didn't want to be questioned and strip searched, you know?

But . . . it was worth the awkward.

Those things are so flippin' delicious.

alyssa kaylee

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