Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Well, that was embarrassing.

So, funny story.
Yesterday, for YSA FHE, we went to Classic Skating. Super cool, right? Right. It was fun.
So when Spencer and I got tired of skating, and wore out our mad people watching skills, we decided to go on those . . . what are they called? Bouncy things? Whatever. The inflatable stuff you climb and slide and jump on. :) And holy crow, we had so much fun. Honestly.
We acted like we were five and it was great.
So here's the funny part.
He was right in the middle of kissing me, and I was all happy and great and everything, and then I decided to burst out laughing.
And I spit all over Spencer's face.
And mouth.
Gahh . . . sorry.
But I'm still cute, right? Ish? Cute-ish?

This is on Sunday, ps. We made delicious cookies.
And oh goodness, when this man came into my house looking so snazzy in a suit and tie?
I'm soooper jealous of his good looks. Seriously.
It's fine.

alyssa kaylee


  1. Buahaha, don't worry love. Gross to mention, but your spit's already been in his mouth, I'm sure he won't mind it being outside it too. Blargh. Hahahaha Keep being adorable, you two.

  2. Haha! My very first kiss... like ever? I did the same thing! Totally started laughing and spit on his face. The best part? He was wearing glasses so you could SEE the spit. Oops :)
    Now I want to go classic skating!


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