Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stories from the porch

Spencer and I had the best adventure of our lives!! 
But really, it was amazing. We decided to go on a walk in my neighborhood. It's gotten so warm lately, that we decided to go enjoy it! Besides just houses, it's also lots of what I like to call . . . wilderness. Despite the title "wilderness," which turns me right to Nephi (who is the coolest), it's actually really amazing. I love it.
Anyway, we found bugs, but we did not find any snakes. Thank goodness. 
We also found a river, some weird ruins, a scary dark tunnel that Spencer insisted we go through, and a cool rock. It was perfect.

Also, it gave me a perfect excuse to hold his hand.
He has the best hands. Seriously.
The end.

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  1. How fun! Hand holding adventures are the best kind :)


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