Friday, March 2, 2012

We're not fanatics, or anything.

The very spiritual conversation Spencer and I had in Sunday School:

Me: ". . . Well. You are what you eat."
Spencer: "So . . . Voldemort is unicorn blood?!"

Also (considering Dark Mark tattoos):
Me: "I wouldn't get a permanent one, because it doesn't move so it would be lame."
Spencer: "Are you kidding? I'm going all the way. No backing down.
Me: "So, what you're saying is that you're a TRAITOR TO RAVENCLAW?! Not just Ravenclaw, but to Hogwarts, too?"
Spencer: "I'm a death eater! I didn't go to Hogwarts, I went to Voldywarts!"
Me: "I still think you're a traitor."
 "Um . . . -awkward pause-

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  1. No... you're definitely not fanatics or anything...
    also, I disapprove of you dating a death eater. that's definitely traitor talk.


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