Sunday, June 3, 2012

This is Bliss II

I know that tomorrow is going to be just long and hard, and I'll be grateful when it's over. I've been so stressed about getting end of year testing and paperwork done, that I've just been a mess. 

I also know that the times that are the worst are when I really need to think of the things I love and am grateful for. So here you go.
  • discovering a harper on the street outside city creek 
  • getting laundry done
  • water (I LOVE WATER.)
  • making time for breakfast in the morning (twice this week)
  • long hugs from Spencer
  • re-reading harry potter (I'm on the third)
  • hangin' with my hamsters
  • watching "the vow"
  • the things Tarah says
  • FINALLY getting a new journal
  • this song:


  1. Thinking of things you love and are grateful for really does help! Love water!! :) haha

  2. I love this song too!!!! I am slowly discovering after a horrible habit of not drinking enough that hydration is a wonderful thing. I also love your background. :)


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