Friday, August 17, 2012

All was well.

EXCEPT NOT. Because I just finished Harry Potter. That's great, right? 
But you're wrong, because if I've just finished Harry Potter, that means there is no more Harry Potter to read. 
Between that, and my decision not to eat sweets, there is a gaping hole in my heart. 
Did I mention that? I'm not eating sweets. There, I said it. It has been really hard. But I am very proud of myself, because usually when I decide not to eat sweets, it lasts about one day. (I'm not even kidding) But this time around, I've lasted a week! Well, besides the three-and-a-half cookies I ate yesterday . . . also cookie dough . . . but I deemed it a special occasion. So it's fine. IT'S FINE.

(I have to admit, these are a heaven-send.)


  1. i felt the same way after i finished reading harry potter...i wanted more haha

  2. Oh no! I hated when Harry Potter came to an end! I guess it's time to find a new book series!

    Also, I always try giving up sweets and it almost never works. I feel your pain!

  3. Read them all again and it never has to end! Just break it up by watching the movies all again before starting in on the books again haha Also, I can't give up sweets. I. Just. Can't. So good luck!

  4. Oh, man. I don't know if I could give up sweets, haha. Congratulations on finishing the series and making it so long without sweets!


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