Tuesday, August 7, 2012

growing pains

So I'm working on growing my hair out, right? I've come pretty far:

Right? Yes? Also I'm blonde. ANYWAY. The point is, I'm at such an awkward length right now! I don't even know what to do with my medium-ish length hair. I tried curling it just now, and that was okay,

but it took about a million and a half years to do, and I just don't have the patience. (also I burned myself and it looks like a hickey. promise it's not) So I think I'm going to rock a ponytail for awhile. Yes. Ponytail. 
(also because I'm lazy. shhh...)

So I'm thinking I need to do a feature about my apron collection soon. Did you know I love aprons? Well I do. I collect them when I go on trips, and people give them to me just because they know how much I love them. They make me feel empowered! But more on that later.

happy five-twenty-two!


  1. You're adorable and I totally understand that awkward length. Instead of ponytails, pin your hair into basic updos and loose messy buns so it doesn't feel so lazy and you feel like a girly still <3

  2. I'm totally at that awkward length right now. But also with a grown out a-line cut... gag. So to fix that I'm getting my hair cut. Today. haha I'm obviously not as patient as you. You can do it!


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