Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tis only a scratch.

So basically crazy things happen to me all the time.

I totally biffed it on the scooter on Monday. (Monday. Had to be it.) It was super awesome, and I wish someone could have recorded it. It got caught in a groove in the sidewalk, and I definitely did like a somersault-flip-type-thing that was beautiful and elegant, and landed on my butt with a loud "FRICK" to accompany it.

Classy, I know.

So of course there were a million people there to see me, so I'm basically famous at this school now. Everyone knows my name. It's true.Three guys walked passed and were like, "Hey, are you okay?" I'm fine, really, I'm fine. No autographs, please. And then, AND THEN. I was still in the process of making sure I had no broken bones and picking up my gracefully thrown body parts scattered across the sidewalk, and several agonizing seconds later, someone who had obviously seen from a long ways away, said, "Hey, are you okay? I'm an MT, are you sure?" You're a mountain? What? I'm fine. I'm just fine.

The moral? It's not easy to be famous.

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  1. haha You're so cute! I have biffed it multiple times whilst on campus... mostly on the ice in the middle of the road. Everyone on campus watched and it was great. Just great haha so I feel ya.


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