Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hey, you weirdos!

Hey, guys! Happy St. Patrick's day, alright? Alright. I'm back, hello. :) 
I've missed you.
But it's nice to be here again.

I'm still working at Coldstone, but now with my lil' sis
I'm no longer in school (the U wasn't for me)
aannnnddd . . . 
I'm planning on going on a mission!

Exciting, right? I'll definitely keep you updated. I still have to save up and everything, so I'm thinking maybe the end of the summer? I've got a harp to pay off for heaven's sakes!

Also I'm working on going back to my natural color. It's a little darker right now, but I'm enjoying it nonetheless. And no, it's not purple. That's just my dumb phone. My hair actually looks like this:

But, I guess in all reality, I don't have a mustache so that's not accurate either.
I wish I did. I look so hot with a mustache.


  1. I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK!!! i have missed your blogging....

    1. Thanks!! I've missed doing it! It just means I can't be lazy anymore, haha! I could still use your help whenever you come down:)


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