Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Drought Week

OHHH hello. :) So this week has honestly been pretty slow-moving. Every day seemed to drag on and on because everyone decided that they should cancel on us. 

We had one day, Tuesday, where, quite honestly, we were lazy bum missionaries. We still went out, and had appointments (that were no-shows), but we slept in a little, and took a little too long in our lunch break, and dawdled....

So we repented and decided that we would work extra hard on Wednesday.

Annnndd we did. We tracted in the heat (over 100 plus humidity) for a few hours and had only three potential investigators to show for it, who aren't very promising in and of themselves. :(

We did meet with one couple, though. Bobby and Mary (there are millions of Mary's in OK). They're an older couple, have been through a whole lot in life, and Mary's been a Jehovah's Witness for most of her life. But she recently decided it wasn't right. She really, REALLY just wants to know the truth. We tried to get to know her and teach them both the best we could, but she got very flustered and frustrated and stormed out. So we talked to Bobby for a little while. Don't worry, we'll be back. She just needs to pray about it and be patient for the answer!

So it was a frustrating day. But we made it through, despite our three investigators that cancelled on us, even though we had members all ready to go. But we have to have the bad days to appreciate the good ones!

We've met with our B-n-B's (Bashers-not-Bashers) again. The last meeting we had was actually kinda frustrating. Their questions are about such deep doctrine and it's like... WHAT? THAT'S IN THE BIBLE? And then we ask the other Elders about it, and they're like, "You didn't know that?" So apparently all these deep doctrines aren't as deep as I thought. But we're certainly learning.

Something interesting that they asked about was what we've sacrificed for our beliefs. They mentioned some things that they had sacrificed, and as I thought about it, I had a hard time thinking of things that I'd sacrificed. The reason for that, though, is that the sacrifices I've made didn't turn out to be bad, because the blessings I received in return were so much better. 

Tithing is a good general example. Because I've chosen to pay my tithing, I've always been able to find a job, and I've always been able to make the payments I've needed to, plus having a little extra to spend and save. BESIDES those blessings and certainly others I know I haven't recognized yet, I am blessed to enjoy beautiful meeting houses and magnificent temples. Those blessings are WAY better than 10%. 

So we're meeting with them again tonight, and we really think this one will go better. We've taught them the restoration and the plan of Salvation, but we want to know what their "plan of Salvation" would be if they had one. They have a very small congregation, I don't even really know what they are called, but only 20-30 in attendance. So it's an interesting situation! Besides that, we're going to find out why prayer and church is important to them, and share PERSONAL experiences with them so that they can feel and understand that we are messengers from God. Until then, they won't be able to accept the message. 

Also, they really wanted to study Moses 4 with us, but as Sister Leavitt pointed out today, in verse 32 (the last verse), the Lord says, "See thou show them unto no man, until I command you, except to them that believe." And even though I don't know exactly what that applies to, Sis. Leavitt and I both agreed that our B-n-B's will NEVER accept the gospel or understand everything else in the gospel until they believe in the Book of Mormon. So we're going to show that to them tonight, too. Pray that the spirit will testify for us tonight!

So it's been a rough week. On Friday, though, I had a pretty incredible experience.

Remember Rochelle? I just love her. Oh how I love Rochelle! I feel like if I don't do anything but help Rochelle get to the temple then I will have been a successful missionary. She opened up so much to us on Friday when we met with her. 

The thing about Rochelle is that she's been through a lot in her life. She's met with missionaries a few times before, but I can feel that this time is different for her. She's gotten over a drug addiction, raised her kids, and just been stuck in rough money/health/living situations. She says those times when the pain is so bad, and when she feels that she can't keep going, she just has to pray and ask God to help her. She also talks so much about her mom. She thinks about the hard things that she is going through, and remembers that her mom made it through. Her mom died about a year ago, and it's been really rough for Rochelle. She loves her mom so, so much. And I just know that when we teach her about the temple and all that comes with that, and she can go through and do the work for her mom... I just know she's going to be such an amazing member. I think she's ready. 

We even went into the lesson ready to say "We need to teach! This is why you need to be baptized and here is our lesson so listen!" Because she's an Okie and she talks a lot. But holy cow!! the Spirit just told us to listen and so we did. I testified of some parts of the plan of Salvation without teaching it, and the Spirit taught her. I love Rochelle. I'm so excited for her.

After the lesson I just had to cry a little. I had to remember that THIS is why I'm here on a mission. There really are people that the Lord has prepared to receive His gospel, and I know that Rochelle is one of them. It was humbling to remember that I'm not here for myself, but here for these people. They need the restored gospel in their lives.

We also had a great lesson with Maverick this week! I know he'll be baptized when he's ready. We taught him about the plan of Salvation on Saturday, and he just soaked it right up. He really wants it to be true. I know that he can learn of it through prayer! I think God needs him to be a member.

The funniest moment this week was actually when we met with our Bashers-not-Bashers. One of the guys had work so he wasn't able to make it to the meeting. But he felt really bad that he couldn't make it, so he planned with the others that he would leave something in their mailbox to record our meeting with! One ran out, and we were like, uhhh what? And he came back in and set it all up and we just died. It's another reason we know we can't stop teaching them because they want to learn so badly! I mean one just barely had a baby, like a week ago, and they're letting us in and spending so much time with us. It's awesome. They're gonna be the best freaking Mormons ever.

One more thing, I definitely saw one of my former students in one of the "Introduction to Mormons" videos (have you seen those? They're new and they are awesome!)

AND ONE MORE THING - we were checking up on some less active members (none of whom even lived there anymore... awkward...) and one lady opened the door and we were like, "Is so-and-so here?" and she was like "I'M NOT INTERESTED" "We're looking for so-and-so, do they still-" "I'M PAGAN" "Do you know if-" "I'M PAGAN!" Annnnnddd she slammed the door. So we don't know if it was actually the member or someone else who moved in. "HAVE A NICE DAY!" Hahaha it was awesome. And then we learned about Paganism from the Elders (why the heck do they know all this stuff?) and they told us all about Greeks and idol worship and stuff. Hmmmm...
Left to Right: ME, Sister Leavitt, Elder Winterton, Elder Mierau, Elder Byrd.
Front and Center: Elder Buhler.

I love you all so so much! Read your scriptures every day it makes a HUGE difference, I promise! The church is true, the book is blue, God's Mormon too, and I love you! :D

Sister Clark

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