Tuesday, November 19, 2013


OH MY HECK!! CRAZY WEEK. Really, so crazy. 

Tuesday night (night before transfers) I stayed up till.... about three. Packing and comp journals, you know. Do you know what a comp journal is? It's basically like a yearbook for missionaries. And Sister Leavitt goes ALLLL OUT and because she's my mom, I do too. We worked on each others' for a couple hours and switched back and we just laughed and laughed and laughed. It was a good last memory with her. :)

Monday and Tuesday was spent mostly visiting people and packing and buying things I couldn't get in Anadarko. :) We went and saw Josh and Cacey (BnBs) on Monday night, and Josh had a few last words about the Book of Mormon... one day his heart will be softened. But then he sang us a Christmas song he'd been working on. It was really interesting. He "slipped in" a little section about embryos or something? for the Abolitionists of Human Abortion. It wasn't very inconspicuous. :) I don't know if he has it recorded and published yet, but I'll let you know when he does so you can look it up! We also saw Doris on Tuesday and I just cried when we left. It was an incredible experience - her heart is truly softening. I asked her if she had prayed to know if the things we were teaching were true, and she said...
"I believe you know it's true. And I'm starting to believe some of the things are true myself. And I'm not saying this to make you happy, you know I'm honest with you. I'm telling you because it's true."

OH I JUST CRIED WHEN WE LEFT. I love her so much.

We also saw the Zukas's before we left - and I HELD THE NEW BABY!!! ... kinda. Well, I held the carseat. and he was in it. -sigh- one day I'll hold a baby... 

OKAY there is just no time, it's so frustrating but here I go...

WEDNESDAY was transfers! I hugged my comps goodbye and said hello to Sisters Durfee and Stewart! I LOVE MY COMPANIONS. Seriously they are such a blessing. Sister Durfee (with glasses) is from California. She's a huge Disney fan - been to Disneyland like 250 times - and an avid reader. She's 24, she's an only child and her dad is a professional clown! She has been out six months - she came out in the middle of tornado season! She has a HUUGE love for the people here. She is totally here for the right reasons and has such an awesome testimony. I love her a lot. :) She's a great example to me. Sister Stewart (the blonde) is the greenie! She's from Roy UT and the youngest of 10!!!! She was in musicals in high school and graduated from a tech school in Dental assisting. She's got a boyf waiting for her back home - he already served a mission in Seattle. She's hilar. Her dad is a fourth grade school teacher. She's also here for the right reasons and she's got an awesome perception of miracles - even the small ones are great. I LOVE THESE SISTERS SO MUCH - THEY ARE AN ANSWER TO PRAYERS.

We had a weird awesome experience Wed night with a LA sister in the ward... we went over and she was freaking out because of all these rumors and neighbors saying horrible things about her? It was awk because she wanted us to fuel her anger and paranoia but we wouldn't. Finally after several attempts we were able to get in and help her clean her house! It was an answer to her prayers though and we helped her a lot. It was a cool miracle. weird. :)

THURSDAY we had a branch thanskgiving dinner! But apparently the people that were there, most of them, are less actives that just come for the food activities... hahahaha... so we're going to work on getting them to church. :) There is a lot of work to be done in this area concerning inactive members. The branch has about 300 members.... and about 100 active. Even the branch president came up to us at stake conference on Sunday and said, "I know they were saying the field is white but I don't think they were talking about here!" and I was like awwww great. So we're going to work on building the faith of the members here too. Stake conference was incredible though! TOTALLY FOCUSED ON MISSIONARY WORK. All of it. it was so inspiring. 


Well I guess I'll just tell you about this area.

We are in Anadarko branch - but we live in Elgin. There are lots of surrounding towns that go to church in Darko. Everyone here is either old, Native American, or military. We live in a little apartment right across from a huge open field - on the other side of it they test the little guns for Ft Sill... but they don't sound little. :) It sounds just like home! In fact, whenever the military families ask where I live, I just say Camp Williams instead of Bluffdale because they know where that is. :) Elgin is so tiny! Fletcher is the town right next door... they have a high school AND a stop light... but the stop light isn't really one because it's just a blinking red light with a stop sign underneath. The sky is so big here, it still amazes me. All you can see for miles are hay rolls, oil pumps dipping up and down out of the ground, cows, and windmills. At night all those windmills are just distant blinking red lights. It's beautiful. 

Everyone out here seems to be stuck in their ways. There are two main churches - the 1st Baptist Church and the Cross Roads Baptist Church. They used to be one, but apparently there was a big ole drama something and now they're broken off and seem to be sorta against each other. It's kinda funny. Don't talk about Cross Roads to a 1st Baptist. :)

Really I just love it out here, despite the lack of faith about the work here. I just KNOW we can help them lose their fears and bring souls back to Christ. I love this work. I love my companions. 

OHHHH I just feel like I had so much more to say! But I forgot to bring my journal and my other camera (pictures next week) so I just have short term memory. 


Love, Sister Clark

p.s. We were at a lesson with a lady, and apparently the most exciting thing that happens out here is when the high school football team passes through for their competitions or whatever in school busses. She got all excited and had us run outside. hahahahaha

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