Monday, December 2, 2013


I'm sorry; I don't have a lot of time to write, but here I go!
     We helped a super old cat lady move some stuff and I got to play spider monkey in the back of the Uhaul while being caked in 50 year old cat hair. It was legit.
     I met a harpist! She's an 8 year old in the ward, and just has the tiniest harp I've ever seen - 12 strings! I'm like, What? How do you even do anything on that? But it's cool.
     Got seriously rebuked for no good reason by the Branch President.
     Met some Jehovah's Witnesses ("Hey, how's it goin!" "Uhhh good" "How was  your thanksgiving?" "Uhhhhh we're Jehovah's Witness." Me, like an idiot because I wasn't expecting that response: "Oh, Did'ja?")
Playing the Harp at the Lang's House
      Had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner with the wonderful Lang family! Sister Lang has a blog - so you can look at her cute family. :) They are so incredible, I just love them so much. They had pink bliss (jello-mix / whipped cream / cottage cheese / strawberries) and a cheese ball and rolls and amazingness and Christmas decorations and just it felt so homey. I brought the harp over too, and even with their rambunctious boys it was peaceful and nice. I love them. :)
     We had some miracles in Cyril while we were on exchanges! I was just sister Stewart and I - and we tracted into lots of people who wanted to pray with us, and one who set up a return apt for tomorrow! We're so excited. Everyone's so stuck in their old ways that it's hard to find people to teach, but I know there are people being prepared.
Miracles in Cyril
     We also had an incredible experience last night in being invited to a community Thanksgiving worship service at Cross Roads church. There was wonderful music from all the churches round about here, and we were able to connect with the leaders and members from Elgin. It was wonderful, and very uplifting and inspiring.
I HAVE TO GO I'M SORRY THIS IS THE WORST WEEKLY UPDATE EVER But I just love you so very much. SHARE THE GOSPEL! The prophet said!
Love, Sister Clark

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