Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cupboard Knobs and Cupcakes

Hello there!
My first blog post, how exciting. So today, on my way through putting in my job applications (it's a working progress), I decided to do a little window shopping. (I should NEVER do that. It's dangerous.) At Hobby Lobby.
Let me tell you about Hobby Lobby. It's a beautiful, magical land in which I wish I lived. Crafts, fabric, scrapbooking, decorating galore, all for free!

. . . Just kidding. (Oh, if only . . .) But really, I love Hobby Lobby. A lot. And while I was there, I happened to find five lovely cupboard knobs, and some adorable ribbon. So . . . everyone . . . what do we do with five knobs, ribbon, and a purple block of wood I found in my basement?

Make a necklace rack, of course.

And the knobs were definitely on clearance. (Hoorah!)

Expect the finished project to come soon.

Also, I made these adorable mini 'candy corn cupcakes,' thanks to a recipe from Kate and Sara, neither of whom I have met (but I simply adore them) and have the most darling blog with AMAZING recipes (seriously, to die for).
They were all gobbled up quick by my lovely family (speaking of which, you'll be meeting them very soon), but I did manage a couple shots for your viewing pleasure.
All of these cupcakes are now gone.
They're delightful.
Try them.
I dare you.

alyssa kaylee

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  1. Ok, those cupcakes look SO yummy! I NEED one! And I can't wait to see your finished project. I've hear Hobby Lobby is a dangerous place. I need to go there.


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