Thursday, October 20, 2011

eight . . . Eight?!

There are a lot.
Of kids.
At my house.

 (emily, my cousin)

 (mckenna, my other cousin)

(kennedy paige, my baby sister)

They're all entranced with Zach and Cody Martin.

(chelsea marie, my sister, and my cousin, archer)

Well, except for these two. They're sleeping.

(christian james, my brother)
And Christian, who probably isn't paying a whole lot of attention because he's inventing something. Probably.

And me too! I'm still a kid. ( . . . right?)

I promise my whole day hasn't revolved around the television. Just part of it. We did spend this morning playing and having adventures and making messes and everything!

And what do you have for dinner when there are too many kids to count at your house?

Why, hot dogs, of course.

Paige and Emily left us all some beautiful artwork . . .

Of . . .

Their undying love for Nick and Tavius.

All of it says "Nick and Tavius make us MELT!"

Oh, these cute teens. They're so tweeny and cute. I remember my first love . . .

But that is a story for another day.

alyssa kaylee

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