Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Crazy Family

Have I mentioned that I love my family? Because I most certainly do.

 We started out (after cleaning up a little) with lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. (I always, ALWAYS get a cheese enchilada. I'll look at the menu a little, choose some things that look good to me . . . and order a cheese enchilada.)

 (Mom: Are you texting at the table? Really?)
 (Chelsea Marie: No . . . why would I do that . . . ?)

(Kennedy Paige and I tried on lots of hats . . . )
We went shopping to find Chelsea some shoes for winter, and also to find me some desperately needed jeans.

 ( . . . and lots of shoes, too.)

 Then we set out to find Kennedy Paige some clothes that would fit her. (She's in the tween stage, where nothing fits.)

 And I was lucky to find this awesome looking vintage suitcase, and a pair of shiny shoes to go with!
That sounds like I bought them.
I didn't. 
Just took pictures. :)

(mustache, anyone? :) 

All in all, we had a great time eating and shopping - trying on funny things, cute things, and just plain goofing off.

Like I said,
I love my family.

alyssa kaylee

P.S. Most to all picture editing you see on here is done by Chelsea Marie. She's pro. :)

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