Thursday, May 17, 2012

In case you were wondering . . .

I'm starting a bucket list. I'll have it posted soon, and I'll continually be adding to it.

I thought I'd share one with you right now.
You've probably never seen this movie:

But it's one of my favorites. (I grew up on "Feature Films for Families" movies - my mom worked there when I was little.)

ANYWAY, the point is, she takes a bath, outside, under the stars. And I think that sounds AMAZING. So there you have it, I want to bathe outside. It will happen one day, and you won't be there.

Also, speaking of that, I almost fell out of the shower twice, that's right I said twice, this week. The first time was because of my violent morning sneezing. I sneezed very loudly and then screamed because I seriously almost fell through the curtain. 
(Chelsea: "Ummm . . . are you okay?")
 The second time was this morning, because I was just so dang tired that I started falling asleep standing up. Then I thought, "Man, what if my mom had to call into work and tell them I couldn't come in because I fell asleep in the shower and broke my leg?" And I decided it was good that I didn't face plant into my bathroom floor.

Moral of the story: showering is dangerous.

the end.


  1. I wish we still had a hot tub. Then you could sneak over in the dark of night when I am drugged into a coma and take a bath under the stars.

  2. So...are you going to let us in on any other items on your bucket list?

  3. Haha I can relate to your shower problems! Once I fell out of the shower and gashed my head open. Stitches and all. Definitely dangerous! Lol ;-)

  4. hahaha I have so almost done that too! Showering IS dangerous!

  5. Please continue to shower. I think if you stop, we can no longer be friends.


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