Monday, May 21, 2012

Send Something Good 2012

includes: my first ever DW comic, a pair of trippy dice, adorable hair pins and stationary, a mixtape (that I am OBSESSED WITH), a great big fat book (I'm so excited to read it!), and the sweetest note. :)

So, my friends. I was lucky enough to be apart of the "Send Something Good Project," led by Gentri, Kristy, and Kaitlyn. It's like a mixture between pen pals and secret sisters, and let me tell you, it was so much fun! It was so exciting to discover another blogger ninja-style. And now I can tell you who I had cause she got my package! Lauren, from "Girl Plus Everything Else." I was so lucky to get a Whovian like me, haha!

I got my package too!
I was so excited to get it. 
(Do you know how fun it is to get things in the mail?)

Beautiful, isn't it? She knows me so well.
Go check out her blog. :)
Thank you so much, Madison!


  1. loooving that i get to see pictures of you opening it!!

  2. p.s don't forget to link up! you can do it here if you want:

  3. i love that you got a DW comic! and i'm glad someone took pictures of you opening it. i love opening packages.

  4. I basically can't resist anything that includes a mixtape. It's like an adventure in music form.. the best!!!! Gosh, what a fun little (or actually kind of big) blogland project!

  5. I love it! :D I'm so glad that you participated and enjoyed the project!!


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