Friday, March 22, 2013

et cetera

WELL I looked out my window and what did I see?

Come on, March? What are you thinking, I mean really. You must be playing a trick on us. Or perhaps you've decided to switch places with February? I probably would too, if I were you. Year after year of the same thing, I'd want to go a little crazy with the weather. But I can't honestly say I'm pleased, March. I was going to ride my bike this morning.
So I stayed in my warm covers a little bit longer and tried to remember my dreams. They were strange. As always. I played the harp a little bit, and got ready for the day.
And then I spent my morning here. Have you heard of wish? I might be addicted. A little bit. My favorite was this shirt. I just might have to indulge. (Doctor Who? Yes.)

OH AND I'VE JUST REMEMBERED that I poured myself a bowl of frootie tooties and I forgot about them and they'll be all soggy, now.

WITH THAT, happy Friday. :)

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  1. Ha, seriously! I woke up to snow this morning too! Although I did get a little excited at first since we had a very bare Christmas but luckily it all melted away in just a few hours!
    xo TJ


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