Wednesday, March 27, 2013

even though I don't have kids...

Sometimes I think back to my days of being "Miss Clark," and running around the elementary halls, and making copies, and the yelling, and the reading, and the runny noses, and the giggling and jokes and tears and tests and EVERYTHING and I miss it. 
A lot.
I loved those kids so much. I still think about them. I wonder what they'll be like when they're my age, or when they have kids of their own. And I wonder what they think and feel and know, right now, when they're six or twelve or in between. I wonder if one is still having problems at home, or if one is actually REALLY trying now because he just has so much potential if he would just try. And I wonder how many teachers will throw their hands up in despair at him, or if they will see what I could see in him. 
They poured their hearts out to me in that short school year. Trusted me with their deepest fears. And I helped them the best that I could.

I know I couldn't go back, not now. I could be a really great school teacher, but I don't agree with everything that goes on in public schools. 
Hear me out for a minute.
I feel like there are some utterly fantastic teachers out there. I met some when I was teaching, and when I was in school. 
But the school system itself, I can't let myself agree with.
I was able to get to know my students only because I broke the rules a little bit. I let them get creative, I let them speak their minds, and have disagreements with each other. I wanted them to learn how to discuss and think through things and decide things for themselves. And for that, I think they trusted me more, and learned more. I hope I was a good teacher for them, that some of them will remember something I taught them and it will do them good.

Gahhh, there's a lot I could say about this, but I'm getting off my soap box. Right now.
IN ESSENCE, I think teachers should be more like mentors in guiding children's learning as opposed to facts and worksheets and information. 

I'm glad I don't have to decide what to do yet. I don't, after all, have kids. And maybe some of my opinions will change after I do have some of my own. In fact, they probably will. 
Schooling, schooling, what to do.

What do you think about the schooling system?

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  1. In some sense, I agree. I get so frustrated with the way the school system is sometimes but the ideal teacher just does exactly what you said, they break the rules a little. They don't just do worksheets and expect the students to "shut up and listen". Good teachers guide the students to love learning in every sense. To form opinions about the world and learn all they can. They allow them to be creative and be problem solvers. I think a good teacher does what they can within the bounds of what they are given and what is expected for their students. The public schooling system definitely has its flaws but they need teachers who believe in their students and ultimately want them to succeed in whatever they do. Great teachers make the school system better. I think you'd be a great teacher.


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