Tuesday, October 15, 2013


So I usually think I'm a really fantastic journal writer, but then I look back on Mondays so I can try to remember what happened, and I realized I only wrote three out of 7 days. It's ridiculous. I think I'm so great at it because I write a novel every time. :) I just need to write every day!

This week has been really grand, though. We've met so many people! So many uninterested people... but so many people!

I'm going to be honest and you can judge me or whatever, but we only had one real lesson this week.

Isn't that ridiculous? I know. It's ridiculous. But it's not for lack of trying! We did lots of knocking this week actually. We met a couple people who weren't extremely interested, but who told us we could come back, so that's awesome. Like Wanda. Wanda's mom is on hospice and has been on death watch 4 times already. I'm going to go back and play the harp for them, hopefully. And then there was Marilyn who had a happy yellow door and flowers and then she was just as happy! She let us pray with her and give her a BOM, and even though she said she wasn't interested, she loved us and promised us she'd read the introduction before we came back! So that was awesome too. 

We haven't seen our BnB's recently. It's really sad because they are our favorites. I'm excited for Sister Larson to meet them too - I don't know how well that will go over with them! But we're trying to keep in touch and hopefully we'll be able to meet with them soon. We also tried to meet with Rochelle this week, but she was in a big rush so she just prayed with us. "Oh okay girls let's get some prayin' goin' on here, go on, HIT IT!" She's so tiny but she grasps our hands so tight! Her cast is off, so that's good. I don't even know what to do with her.

So our one lesson this week was with Gabriel. I think I told you about him last week? He's got a baptismal date set for November 9th! He's been taught by missionaries before, but for some reason it didn't work out? That was like a year ago. He's so ready to be baptized! He listens to our lessons and just soaks it all up. He is a miracle I think, so prepared for the gospel. He does have anxiety and I worry about him being in the family ward (he went to the single's ward before, but he's older than 30... we haven't told him he's going to the family ward; yet we don't know how to break it to him) but it will work out. :)

It's been so frustrating that everyone is bailing on us. We saw Mehri this week too. She was crazy drunk. Her kids were out of town with their grandma for the weekend and so instead of taking care of her problems, she told us, "yeah I'm just gonna be a kid and drink this weekend, go out tonight. . . . blah blah blah" and then she told us that she didn't believe in the Mormon religion, but that she wanted her kids to learn for themselves. She's going through a lot of financial issues right now and even though I feel bad for her, she won't take care of anything herself. It's sad and frustrating to watch. I don't think she's ready for the gospel, but I think Nevaeh might be. Hopefully we can go back when she's not drunk and ask if we can at least teach her. 

I think we just need to find new people to teach. And Heavenly Father knows it, because He provided a way! Our ward and a few others in the stake did some big rearranging. It's been crazy! We just had a big stake meeting last night about changing around the boundaries. Now we have probably less then half of the members we had before, and half of the other ward. It's so wild, everyone is changing callings and we don't even know if we are supposed to be in the first ward anymore?? It was funny actually, the ZL's called President and asked him where we needed to be last night, and he was like, "Well, this is the first I've heard of it! Why don't you tell me about it?" Hahaha so we don't really know what we need to do. I guess he'll let us know! But I feel like we'll have to start clean with a lot of people. Especially the Elders in our ward will have to - nearly ALL of their area is now another ward! I think it will switch things up a bit and hopefully give us some more people to teach!

When President Keys was talking (stake pres) he told us that part of the reason for the change was the growth of new move-ins, but he also said it's because of all the new converts! The Lord is hastening His work! We have a great work to do in this newly combined ward. I'm so excited about it. 

Noteworthy Items:
  • We met this girl Jennifer one time, whom I really liked because she was deep and poetic and stuff, but we dropped by this week and found out she's in jail. Dang.
  • I no longer sleep on an air mattress! As of today, we have bunkbeds! (I call top!!)
  • My diet? What diet? Hahaha but really, I suck at it, but it's okay because now I eat more fruits and veggies. I'm gaining weight for the first time in my life though... WHATT??! So I guess it's time to watch that...
  • SPEAKING OF WHICH we have freaking awesome workout sessions in the mornings now! Sister Leavitt is our trainer and it's like flippin Taebo every morning, and then I lead us in a yoga/stretching session. IT'S THE BEST! SERIOUSLY, YOU SHOULD BE JEALOUS.
  • There's a kinda legitimately crazy guy in our ward... really interesting and you can't help but love him and also be pretty creeped out by him. But he bore his testimony in sacrament meeting.... and was bawling. Like weeping and gasping and stuff. It was awesome. I'm pretty sure he's going to an institution tomorrow, so that's good. I can't even explain him, really. He's cray.
  • I went on splits with Sister Sotelo. She's awesome. And crazy. She looooovvves being unique. Also beating people up, but I don't take that from her. :D But basically she just wanted to get rid of me the whole time. She likes me, but not enough to be my companion for a day! Hahahaha, it was funny! But she's on the OU campus, so we went out and passed out like 100 cards! 
  • Sister George (who is no longer in our ward... boo!) had us for dinner again! I asked her about being a Vegan and she told me a lot about it and it sounds awesome! I might have to convert... but not till after my mission. She said she'll do a little class for us one of these P-DAYS and teach us the science of it, and also how it relates to the Word of Wisdom, so that will be awesome and interesting. Apparently it cured her dad's diabetes (WHAT?!) so maybe it's worth a shot.
  • I've been sick this week, but I'm about over it! I have some leftover coughs and stuffiness but I'm feeling loads better. I mentioned something about having essential oils to Sister George, and she told me how to use them! I put a couple drops of each in my water (lemon, lavender, and peppermint) and it helped my throat and coughing immensely. It was incredible. :) 
Being in a trio has been difficult, I won't lie. But I am learning so so much. And I just LOVE Sister Larson, we have a lot of similarities. :) I'm hoping she's getting more comfortable here. She's liking it so far - Brazil is scary to her!

My goals this week have been, first of all, to be more positive, (not that I've been a Negative Nancy, but I have just been murmuring about little things all the time, you know?) and the difference there has been incredible. There is always something nice to be said about everyone. Also I make an effort to be positive when I don't feel it, and then I DO feel it. It's awesome. My other goal is to be punctual. Wake up on time, make meetings on time, etc. That's made a big difference too.

If there's anything specifically you want to pray for please pray that we'll find people who are ready to be taught and less flaky! I know they're out there, they just need to be found!

I love you all so much. I love letters, by the way... I always say that but never get new letters, hmmmm.... :D Heehee really though. Tell me about your missionary experiences, or just regular life experiences! I love to hear about your lives, really. :)

I love the scriptures, too, p.s! READ them every day; I'm learning SO SO MUCH!

Love, Sister Clark

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