Tuesday, October 22, 2013


TOBY KEITH IS IN MY WARD! Really! He's just in the ward boundaries, but legit, right? Too bad we can't go knock his door... :(    Apparently there's a guard there who will make you leave.

This week has been incredible. And by incredible I mean you will not believe the changes that have occurred! So last week I talked about the big ward change, and that I didn't know what ward we were going to be in or anything. So we found out on Friday, and then had a big planning meeting with all the missionaries affected on Saturday. 

The big news? We are in a completely new area! We know several of the ward members still, but we don't even live in our area anymore, we no longer have ANY of our investigators or potentials, and it's so exciting! I really do believe that the Lord is hastening His work, and this change is going to be a big part of that. I'm so grateful for the change of pace. It wasn't what we were expecting at all, but the Lord knows what He's doing, and I truly believe that. 

The sad bit?
No more Maverick,
No more Gabriel, and

I'm truly going to miss them. But maybe I can go to their baptisms? :) I think the missionaries who are now assigned to them are perfect for them, though, really. Especially Elder Winterton for the BnB's, because he knows a TON about the Bible. He's definitely a scriptorian. Maybe he can explain things better than we could. 

Also, two of the BnB's, Brian and Shelby? They just got engaged! I think we're even invited to the wedding in December! I just love all of them so much and I'm going to miss them a lot! 

I know we'll be seeing more of Maverick! We'll have to keep in touch. And Sister Pfister and her new companion Sister Rigby are going to be perfect for him, too. 

And as for Gabriel? Well... let's just say we were going to have to lose him anyway. He definitely has a crush on Sister Leavitt. Hey, who wouldn't? But it was super funny - we met with him along with Elder Traasdahl and Elder Ravsten (his new missionaries) a couple days ago so that we could introduce them to each other. Now Gabriel is already very anxious about change, and he also feels pretty intimidated by men; like he has to be better than them or something? Ohh, I'm going to miss him. He's so funny in a not-trying-to-be-funny sorta way. Difficult to explain. But when we called him to set it up, he was like, "Oh, you want to come hang out?" And I said, "Well actually we want to come teach you!" and he said, "Oh well, are you hungry? I mean, have you girls eaten yet?" And I said, "Uhhhh. . . actually we already have a dinner appt, but thank you so much!" So then we all got there and Gabriel told us we could talk to him while he worked on fixing himself dinner, (we didn't really tell him the Elders were coming because he would have cancelled) and Elder Ravsten said, "Oh, are you making something good?" just out of curiosity, and Gabriel was like, "I don't cook for men." Hahahahahaha it was awesome and a little awkward.

Guess who we saw again this week? Doris! We actually had an incredible lesson with her! I've kinda had the mind set about her that we're just preparing her to accept the gospel in the Spirit world, but Dad wrote me about an old woman that he taught on his mission and I realized that Doris just might be ready to become a member! We talked a little more about prophets and I kinda took over the lesson. I feel like Doris is mine, a little bit. But where she was worried about certain things like Prophets and the pre-earth life, the Spirit testified! And she said, "Well yes, that... that makes sense." It was awesome! SHE IS THE ONLY ONE WE GET TO KEEP! She's still not technically in our area, but because she's a feminist and a single old lady, she's ours. :) 
In Norman, Oklahoma, moving the work of the Lord forward
Sister Leavitt and Sister Clark

Another incredible thing about the meeting was that just before, we had had a comp inventory where we were able to give some guidance and support to Sister Larson, who has been really struggling a lot with homesickness. And we told her she WAS NEEDED here in Oklahoma, because she truly is. Right afterward at our lesson, Doris looked her straight in the eye and told her how important and needed she was, and how incredible she was for being a missionary. It was just what she needed, and such a powerful testimony of Heavenly Father's love for her specifically. 

So we spent an evening at Sister Smart's house last Tuesday. Have I told you about her? She's like the missionary mamma. She lives in the same complex as Elders Tripp and Mierau and she's always asking them for help and they're always asking her for help, too. She LOVES THE MISSIONARIES (but she won't have a THING to do with this ward boundary change! Nope! I don't blame her, she's going through quite the transitional period herself, and it's just too much for her to handle).  OKAY OKAY so Sister Smart is so awesome. She just says it like it is. She has these two cats, Biscuit and Max. Biscuit's been around for years and years, and technically she's not allowed to have pet in the apartment but she got a document that says the cat is a helper animal for her emotional health so she gets to keep it! Max just isn't allowed. :D   But we didn't know if Max was a boy or a girl cat, and Sister Larson said she knew how to check! There was an entire hilarious ordeal with a flashlight and holding it up by all fours... Sister Smart: "I'mma goin' in!" And Sister Larson was laughing so hard she was cackling like a witch, Max was whining (yes, he's a boy), and ... well, maybe you just had to be there. But it was noteworthy. :)

Also, I went with Sister Main and Sister Sotelo while my compañeras went to the Veteran's meeting, and she taught me the best recipe ever! Ready?

1 box spice cake mix
1 can pumpkin
and an exuberant amount of chocolate chips

425 for 12 minutes.


I'm so happy.

It's scarf season! I'm wearing my cardigans and tights and everything now and it's so happy.

Also, Sister Leavitt thinks I'll probably be training come next transfer. WHAT?!! I just got here?! But not really??
I'm grateful that she can see the changes in me though. She's really my best friend now, I'm so grateful for her! We kinda liked each other in the beginning, but not sometimes, you know? She's like my mom and my sister at the same time... But I've changed so much since I've been here and she points those out to me. I'm so bold now! Remember when I was all scared? Now I apparently just "testify the heck" outta everyone. :)   I still have a really long way to go, I realize that. But I just feel like I'm so much better of a person AND missionary since I came out a couple months ago. I keep realizing how short my time is here.

I read an awesome talk this week from the priesthood session by Randy Funk - "Called of Him to Declare His Word." Ya'll should definitely read it! 

I think the highlight of this week was the fireside my companions and I were asked to do. They organized it and everything, but Brother Hannah asked us to speak about missionary work to the youth, and asked me to play the harp, too! 

Those youth are incredible. I could feel their strength in the room by the strong Spirit that was there. It was especially strong when we testified. We bore our testimony of missionary work and the strength of the youth in these latter days. I felt such an incredible love for all of them there. It went so well. At the end, I played a new medley - "We'll Bring the World His Truth" and "When I am Baptized." Afterwards we were asked to teach RS next week, along with playing the harp! I'm so excited, and glad that I'm finally getting to use the harp for the work.

I wish I had more time, but I've got to run! I love you all so very much. 

Write me! Tell me about Ireland, about school, about work, about what you are going to be for Halloween! I'm dressing up like a fox.... secretly.... :) Tell me about your missionary experiences, too. I love you!

Love, Sister Clark

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