Monday, December 30, 2013


Oh goodness, so much to say, so little time! Christmas was incredible. Seriously. This whole Christmas season has just been filled with the Spirit. It helps that everything we do as missionaries is centered in Christ. :)

I won't lie, it was definitely hard to get appointments with people because everyone was so busy with the holidays. But on the bright side, we definitely got a few more than we would have because of the harp! I'm seriously so grateful to have it with me out here. It's been such a blessing, for me and to share with everyone else.

"Let me explain... no, there is too much, let me sum up..." (Name that movie! I was quoting it in my head all day yesterday)

-made cookies for the neighbors (including cute reindeer cookies! Well they were cute until I made them and then they weren't any more)
-had Christmas Eve Dinner with the Harmons.... and then breakfast the next morning! (waffles and ice cream, that's where it's at)
-had dinner with the Claytons and their neighbors... Definitely tried Duck for the first time (not bad)
Sister Alyssa Clark with the Lang Family
-played Silent Night about a zillion times, but didn't get sick of it (in fact I played it again this morning)
-got lost a few times
-took a 2 hour "safe driving course"... so much for not driving my whole mish!
-received tons of great inspiration from the Book of Mormon and some awesome talks Dad sent me (Elder Scott said I need to exercise better hahaha)
-was saved by an 82-year old man (we just tried to save each other, it was a grand old time)
-TALKED TO MY FAMILY! (yes I wept)
-received SO MANY wonderful gifts
-made it into G.Gma Murie's poem (life long goal right there)
-taught the Restoration twice in one day (one was to a really super solid investigator. She's been searching for the truth for a long time! We're stoked to teach her the Plan of Salvation!)
-lost all my pictures (thank goodness for companions and their pictures) :(
-played soccer for the first time... yeah I was pretty bad.
-fell more in love with Goodwill... love-hate relationship really
-met TONS of people and just oh goodness I love my ward, I love the gospel, I love everything!

There is so much to be happy about! I was thinking about this past week and thinking about how we really didn't have much success, but I couldn't remember anything really bad. All I could remember were the good times and the miracles. Optimism is a beautiful thing.
Alyssa sending a Christmas package to the Family

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I hope you felt the Spirit of Christ's birth! I'm just now beginning to realize the weight of how He came into the world - the words in Silent Night ring true: "Jesus, Lord at thy birth" he came as a child, helpless and not knowing who He was. He went through the same struggle we all have to have to find ourselves. I've said it a zillion times, but we have to know Whose we are to know who we are.
I'm so excited for when He comes again. Everyone will know Him and who He is when He comes again. Oh there is just so much to rejoice about!
I know that the message I'm sharing is true. I know also that no one can come to know and have faith in Him unless they pray and ask for it.

Love, Sister Clark

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