Monday, January 6, 2014

"Will the Circle Be Unbroken"

Happy 2014! So weird how fast and slow time goes by.
This week has been filled with lots of trying old potentials and tracting. My knuckles are nice and calloused from knocking. :) Haven't seen much fruit of that yet, but there are miracles just waiting to happen, I know it.
But Being Missionaries of Christ, We Knocked Anyway

Oh, I'm running out of time already, sorry about that! But here I go.
OH did I tell you that we got 57 baptisms as a mission last month?! Our goal was fifty, and the average is 35! WHAT A MIRACLE. We're headed for a new goal in January... can you guess? 70. Yes, 70. Goodness. I know it can happen. Lots of prayers and lots of faith and lots of work, too. :)
So on Tuesday, I got a call from Sister Larsen in Norman. She called to let me know that Doris had passed away on the 27th. Oh I just cried, but I am so happy for her. She's with her husband, her son and his daughter, her parents, her sisters, and her dear friends. I love her so much.
We were invited to the services on Wednesday, so Sister Leavitt, S Larsen, S Freeman (S Lar's comp) all went. It was a small service, and her preacher gave a sermon that the family wasn't too thrilled about (he kept calling her Dorothy.... super awkward) but I just have to tell you, she looked so beautiful. She had a red sweater on, and her hair was in a cute low side ponytail. she just looked like she was sleeping. We all went up to see her together, and we told her we loved her, that we'd see her later, and we promised her we'd do her work for her. Also, they played a song she'd sung for us before, I think it was called "Will the Circle Be Unbroken." By a family of some sort? I knew she was dancing. :) The best was when they did a picture slideshow of her life - from most recent to her childhood pictures. You can imagine how surprised I was when the first picture up there was the one of her and me! Apparently it was the last picture she had taken.
Sis. Johnson Keeping Warm - 8ยบ Outside
Her daughter and son-in-law came and spoke to us afterward. They told us how much she loved us, and talked about our visits with her. They also told us about a chest she had of her favorite books, the ones she pulled out often... the Book of Mormon was right on top. It was a beautiful experience. I'm so excited for her to be baptized. :)
Oh I'm so short on time! But one more thing...

I met the most incredible member the other day. She's a sister who was introduced to the church by her non member husband's member parents (did you catch that?) and baptized 30 years ago. She's been inactive since 2 years ago, and finally decided to come back, and went through the temple just under a  month ago! I just wanted to cry tears of joy. I'm sure Heavenly Father did. This is the "incomprehensible joy" that is talked about in missionary work. When people bring themselves closer to Christ and Heavenly Father, it's just a marvelous miracle.
Sister Johnson, After I Cut Her Bangs
I have to go but oh I just love you all so much. Vergara family, I just heard about dear Nehme. I love you all so very much, and I'm praying for you. Chelsea says you have a glow -  I believe it. You are so strong. I'm so grateful for the plan of salvation.
Love, Sister Clark

p.s. Sister Johnson asked me to cut her bangs and I did.... don't know why she did that, but it was pretty funny. They'll grow out soon? (we hope).

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