Monday, January 13, 2014


Good Mormon to ya! Hahaha I think I'm so funny sometimes. That's not even my joke.
ANNNYWAYS This week started out with a nice kick in the shin.... Well, in Sister Johnson's shin. Soccer is dangerous, folks. She had (still has) a beautiful bruise on most of her ankle, and was on crutches for the better part of the week. She's been toughing it out, though. It was super gross - it had a huge bump on it the first day. We called it her extra knee, and I called her sister Gimp. :D
Happy 5 months to me this week! Weird. When Sis J leaves, I'll be at six. Time goes by so fast, it's crazy.
Something I noticed is that I don't think as much about what I'll do when I go home, or about wanting to relax, or sleep. I guess I've just really come to love hard work. Well, coming to it, anyway. Sometimes I still want to just sleep. :) But I just find hard work so satisfying lately. And it's FUN! I feel like I'm adjusted to being a missionary. Obviously I still have a lot to learn, but I'm used to it now. IT'S AWESOME.
I met some incredible women this week. One lost her husband 4 years ago, but still teaches 3rd grade and she's so happy, despite her trials. One has a non member husband and less active son, and she bore a POWERFUL testimony of finding peace through Christ and of Heavenly Father answering her prayers. All these women in the area I'm in are so strong in their desires to strengthen their families and also to fulfill their callings. They are amazing examples to me of whom I hope to become.
I've put myself on a no-sweets diet! Except for the two cookies and two cinnamon rolls I had yesterday, and the sugar cookie and pudding I had the day before, and... hmm...
Guess who is going to sleep great tonight!
We finally met and taught a girl named Taryn! She's 16, and she's been taking the lessons since September, and we haven't been able to teach her since I've been here, but it was awesome. Goodness, I just looked at her, and she was a mirror of who I used to be. She told us of her novels she's been working on, and the role playing, and her best friend that lives in NY that she RPs with all the time and good heavens, did I just admit to all that? That was me. At 13-15 ish. So we made a strong connection there. Anyway, we taught her the plan of Salvation, just the pre-existence and earth life. It was an awesome lesson, and we set a date for her on Feb 8th! Now if we can just get her to church... :)
Quotes this week:
As we offered a prayer with a man, his wife piped up in the background, "YOU CAN PRAY FOR THEM!" and he said, "I don't know what to say!" "WHATEVEH JESUS TELLS YA"
Again, offering a prayer,
Her: "Well, uh, we go to a different church."
Me: "We pray to the same God, right? We believe in the same Jesus?"
Her: "Uhh, yes?"
Sis J: "Great! Can we pray with you?"
Another lady we prayed with: "You girls are like angels knockin on my door!"
A little girl at church: "Well, I'm not really good at drawing missionaries, but I'm really good at drawing people!"
Me and Sis J tracting, watching a cat fight, and one of them gave up...
Me: "Man, that's embarrassing. He must be embarrassed."
Sis J, yells to the cat: "WALK OF SHAME!"
Having dinner with the Larsen family:
Elder Powley: "How did you guys meet? What was your first date?"
Brother Larsen: "Well, it ended with me chasing a naked man down the street and getting him arrested!" (yes, this was on BYU campus)\
Us: "uhhhhh"
We met a lot of inactive members this week. One is now a "free spirit," who doesn't believe in organized religion, one swears that there must be another Mormon with his same name because he's never been baptized (but he dated a Mormon once), and another asked for his records to be removed. So that was exciting. And by exciting I mean super lame. We did pray with more people this week, though. BLESSINGS ALL AROUND!
Ready for another personal miracle? I met Sister Newman in the ward, we stopped by, and she has a petite Lyon and Healy Chicago pedal harp and I got to play Automne and I just wanted to weep, I was so happy!I didn't even make too many mistakes! :)
I just, I love the members here. They are so inspiring to me. And they have the cutest kids ever... excepting Bluffdale 13/14. ;)

I love you guys lots, I love the gospel, I know it's true. I hope you enjoyed the first RS lesson of the year because I did a lot! Heavenly Father loves you so much and don't you ever forget it.
Love, Sister Clark

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