Thursday, February 27, 2014


(Original date February 24, 2014)

Sorry this is going to be a short one, not a lot happening in Quail Creek this week!

We had some awesome meetings this week: STM (specialized training meeting, put on by the ZL's), and Veteran's Meeting for SisCardon. At the STM, Sisters Mitchell and Porter did a training that I really loved; they talked about diligence, commitment, and devotion.

COMMIT: 1. To do; 2. devote oneself unreservedly.
DEVOTE: apply attention, time, or oneself COMPLETELY to some activity/purpose.
DEVOTED: Set apart; consecrated.

"There are times it will be hard to find people to teach. I believe this is a test - God wants to see if you are truly willing to give your all, even when you aren't given it all. Prove your faith."

This really hit me, because this is definitely where I am right now. It's frustrating and embarrassing when people ask about the people we're teaching, and I have to tell them we have 1 investigator. Singular. Or when we call to report our numbers and we only have one key indicator to report.

But I know that what I'm doing here is still important. We've met yet another less active member who isn't on our roster, and there are many that are making their way back to church - it's a blessing that we get to be a part of that. I love working with this ward.

♪♫ We are Not the Ordinary... ♪♫♪
In other, less important news, Sister Cardon and I lip-synced a fabulous rendition of "Humble Way" from Saturday's Warriors. Don't you wish you could see that! She also tried to bench press me, because she said she could and I told her to prove it. But we were both laughing too hard ;)

What else?

I played football last Monday and it was THE BESSSTTT. I'm so bad at sports. We played soccer, too, which I wasn't excited about, but then we played outside and that was WAY BETTER.

Ready for another miracle? This week, someone dropped off three huge paper bags full of food storage. WHAT! We have no idea who it was! But I feel so grateful - I'm notorious for attending transfers with lots of food storage, and I just feel so blessed and relieved to have some in our cupboards. Thank you, whoever you are.

We went and saw Sister Newman this week, and she asked me to play on her harp! I did a terrible job, but I loved it all the same. There's so much more control and freedom when I have a full set of strings and a row of pedals. She played a piece for us this time too, the theme from "Up!" She got all flustered and quit, but it was sweet and pretty and made me really happy.

We saw Bill again this week - and he told us he's going to stay Lutheran, but that he's read a little of the Book of Mormon and he'll keep reading, so I told him to pray about it. He'll get there one day. :)

I guess that's really all.

OH EXCEPT FOR THE BIGGEST MIRACLE OF ALL! A less active man and his non-member girlfriend introduced themselves to us yesterday at church - and she wants to be BAPTIZED! What?! We're teaching them tonight, I'm so excited. I definitely don't deserve such an awesome blessing. I'll let you know how it goes!

I love you lots, I feel your prayers, and I'm grateful for all you do.

Love, Sister Clark

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