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March 3, 2014

Once upon a time, at church last Sunday, Megan and Johnny came and sat next to the Elders. Johnny leaned over to the Elders and whispered, "Hey, this girl-" motioning to Megan "-is interested in baptism." And so, after they figured out she lived in our area, and after an incredible talk given in sacrament meeting ("Ask the Missionaries, they can help"), we were introduced to this couple. We set a meeting for the next day, Monday night.
Okay, okay. So there's Johnny and Sarah - they're siblings. They're both from Utah, and they've both been less active for quite awhile. We've tried to get a hold of Sarah before, but she just wasn't interested. But recently, they're little brother passed away, and it was a really eye-opening experience for both of them. They've had a lot of incredible experiences from all this, and they both want to come back. Meanwhile, Megan (who is Sarah's best friend and Johnny's girlfriend) is being really included in all this, and having spiritual experiences with them. They started talking to her about the Church, and it became, as she said, "somewhat of an obsession" for her.
Back to the lesson. We taught the whole restoration. Johnny and Sarah testified and testified of truths, and Megan shared an incredible experience she had of feeling the Spirit testify to her of God's love for her. Sister Bently was there too, and her testimony was so powerful. I really wish I could explain all this... it's impossible to explain everything that happened, and the Spirit that was felt, and everything. I wish you just could have been there. I can't describe to you how much I just know that God has been preparing Megan a really long time for her to be prepared to accept the gospel. I love how she mentioned she wanted to be a part of the "Mormon club, and have that glow" that Mormons do - and every one there could tell her that she's already got it. So when we asked her to be baptized, and she gave us that solid, sincere response... The look in the eyes of Sarah, and Johnny, and Sister Bently was just one of pure joy. I felt it too. It was so beautiful.
I don't even have time to tell you about the second lesson we had with her this week. The Myers came with us and seriously, we didn't even have to do anything, really. Johnny and the Myers testified and taught with power and simplicity, we just laid out the structure. Did I mention we asked her to read the Book of Mormon in the first lesson, and then 4 days later she was testifying to US of how it relates to her life, adn she was already in 1 Nephi 10? WHAT?
I just... guys. I can't handle this miracle. Not only is Megan being brought full swing into the light of Christ, but so are Johnny and Sarah. They're changing too.
So on Friday we were asked to do a training in District meeting on receiving revelation through the Book of Mormon. I didn't feel like I did very well, because I stuttered a lot and I was nervous. It didn't help that President Walkenhorst showed up! Gash. But it was good, and I know I learned a lot from it.
We went to the temple on Saturday! It was wonderful. I got to do baptisms for Sister Cardon's family names, and Pam (who's a recent convert) got to do confirmations! I loved the togetherness of it all - doing her names, with a recent convert, helping those on the other side to become recent converts, too. :)
AND GUESS WHO I SAW AT THE TEMPLE? Brother Cruz and Gabriel from Norman!! Gabriel was doing baptisms for the first time, too, and I was SO HAPPY. :)
Also, when E. Beus did the baptizing, he's really tall and baptized a teeny tiny little 12 year old boy, and all he had to do was dunk his head under the water, it was so funny!
Playing the Harp on Fast Sunday
Oh, What do You do in the Wintertime, When All the World is White?
Church was cancelled AGAIN yesterday (it's been so long since I've had a fast Sunday!) and our cars were grounded, and we were SO BORED! Oh my goodness. Have you ever had to fast when you're home with your food all day? It's so hard. Oh man. But we told each other stories, and I played the harp, and tried on all of my clothes at once, and it was a grand old time, in the end. 
Just know that I love your guts, and that I love the people here, and I especially love this gospel. IT'S JUST SO TRUE.
Love, Sister Clark
p.s. I definitely made pumpkin cobbler yesterday.... and brownies.... and I ate them. I can't decide whether to start over on the no sugar or not.... hmmmmm.... :)