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March 17, 2014 (Original Date)

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We taught Taryn this week! We were going to teach her about tithing, but it just wasn't right, so instead we asked her what her favorite story of Christ was, and she told us it was when he was baptized because he was so perfect, so we had a great lesson on baptism! It was awesome. Still can't get her to church, but she's being prepared.

We had an awesome BofM lesson with Megan earlier this week, and she's just so prepared. I can't even tell you. And she and Sarah came to the relief society activity this week and made friends and such, and then the whole clan came to all three hours of church on Sunday, and GUESS WHO HAD A RING ON HER FINGER? Yep. Megan. That boy finally proposed. :) You should have seen me, I was a mess, I was so happy! I just saw them all dressed in white, and going through the temple, and having babies and taking them to primary, and then going on a senior couple mission, and then seeing them in heaven and all of their posterity that will be so blessed because of the choices they're making and GOOD HEAVENS. The Gospel is just so true.

We had a cool miracle this week - we tracted into a man named John, and we prayed with him and offered to share more, and he said, "Well I've got time right now!" So we taught him the Restoration. He told us his whole life's spiritual journey, and has come now to Agnosticism (<-is that a word?) and is very logical and scientific in his research. When we went back to teach the Plan of Salvation, it was a rough lesson, because it's hard to teach based on a shaky belief on whether God exists or not, and not seeing the purpose or importance of faith. We'll see where it goes, but I think he's been prepared. As long as he'll soften his heart to the Spirit, he'll be able to see the eternal truths he seeks.

I've been using the harp a lot more lately, and it's been wonderful to see how the Spirit teaches through music better than I could on my own. I'm hoping to find more and more opportunities. I was carrying my harp out the door just the other day, and our neighbor stopped us and talked to us; KC. He's a musician himself - a gospel rapper. :D And then last night we were outside talking to our other neighbor, and he said, "I see you have a picture of Jesus in your window. What church do you go to?" and then he asked if he could come next week! Miracles are happening all over.

Also I wish I was legit enough to be a gospel rapper.
Fourth Cousins! See the Resemblance?
HEY Sister Cardon and I found out we're related! How legit, right? So her 4th great grandpa is my 4th great grandpa, David Murie. AND her Uncle married my dad's cousin, AND her grandparents delivered my dad's mail when he was a kid (including his mission call). Legit, right?

ALSO I got transfer doctrine.... the most anticlimatic ever; EVERYONE IS STAYING. I'm glad though, I love it here, I love the people, and I never want to leave. So it's grand. :)

Hahaha oh man, we went out to get Chinese food with Pam (the recent convert, she's such a sass meister)  and the waiter didn't speak hardly any English, but she was wanting to know about the specials, and about how they make the frog legs (do they fry them, like fried chicken?) and she's just so Okie and I love her a lot. :) 

In the Dentist's Chair!
 I went to the dentist. Thank you laughing gas. It always makes me laugh and laugh and laugh!:)
We went to a YW party and made the most darlingest sharpie mugs ever, I'll send a picture next week.

Sorry I'm so bad at updates these days, mostly I just talk to my mom a lot and then I'm like AHHHH I HAVE TO HURRY!
But I love you lotttsss. Read the Book of Mormon, because it's true, and it's proof that this church is true. And bear your testimony. And love your neighbor as yourself.

Love, Sister Clark

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