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From Alyssa's Email sent on August 18, 2014

And by Alfonso, I mean summer. I know, I'm not funny [But the Stillwater Goats are!].

I'll start out with some sad news.

Veronica dropped us on Wednesday. Kindly. She didn't even really know she was dropping us. But she told us she wasn't ready to make the commitment. She's not ready to change, and I could see that. I wept later on, really wept. I just love Veronica SO MUCH. I just love her to death! I want so badly for her to know the truth, specifically the eternal truth that GOD LOVES HER. He has a plan for her. But she told us that even if she "could" know the truth, she worried that she wouldn't agree with it. She doesn't understand faith yet, but she will. One day, I really hope she'll accept all this. I testified to her of that truth, and the Spirit was strong. I'm hoping she'll keep coming to church and activities and such, because she said she'd still like to. 

Now for the miracles. Ready? Cause there's lots.
This week we decided to head over to an apartment complex in our service clothes and offer to help people move in. There were 3 takers, and it was good to just show them that we were there to help them. :) We went back to the same complex a couple days later to do some knockin, and we met Jenna! I have to tell you I did NOT want to tract. I love tracting cause it's fun, but I hate it because it's just such a waste of time it seems. But Jenna was a miracle. She was a little iffy in the beginning, but Sister Waters connected with her on their mutual love for playing soccer, and after we prayed with her, we had a fantastic discussion about families, the preexistence, prophets, and church. She has a good friend who's a Mormon, and she's moved here from a different state and knows NOBODY. That would be so scary! So she's excited to come to church and FHE and learn more. Her beliefs were very much in line with the gospel, and I'm excited to teach her more.

Another miracle - we met with Zach again, this time with Elder and Sister Anderson. The Spirit was strong as we testified together of the truth of the gospel, and especially of the Priesthood power. I think the Andersons stirred something in him. He's so ready - and I told him that. He laughed. "You thought I was ready 4 months ago!" "That's because you were!" I said. He knows what he needs to do.

AND THEN THERE WAS CHURCH. Guys. Church was amazing. There were so many new people there, mostly freshman. It was so fun and exciting to have them! I just hope they stay active forever and ever. And everyone else. Everyone just go to church! Haha but really. All these new girls are especially cute - they were all dolled up for church, and getting ready for their first day of class at the university, which was today! I've said a lot of prayers for them. They're getting me excited for school, even. And that's a feat. Two of them were still 17, and moved here for school! Ah! They're so brave!

Here's the really cool part - 2 of the girls that came weren't even members! One was a BFF of two members, and came with them yesterday - she loved it! "This is the first time I've been to anything Mormon," she said. "I actually had heard a ton of weird things about the Mormons, but my friends cleared that up pretty quickly for me." Can you believe she even loved that it was 3 hours long? And she's bringing her boyf next week!! WHAT?!
Then another freshman came COMPLETELY ON HER OWN VOLITION. She'd been investigating the church in Duncan (her boyfriend put his papers in yesterday) and then moved up here for school, and decided to come to church. It was her first time EVER, minus stake conference. "I was so nervous!" she said, "I even said a prayer in the car before I came in that I would find some people to sit by." And as soon as she walked in, who did she meet but the other nonmember and her two friends. Miracles. When we went by that afternoon, she told us how excited she was that we contacted her, because she wanted to keep taking the lessons. She's absolutely golden.

Sister Anderson gave an inspiring talk yesterday. She is a master storyteller and teacher. I felt like I was in general conference! Those are skills I'd like to develop. I'll send you a copy of the talk when I get it myself! She reminded us that Satan knows his time is short. He's pulling all the stops now, and his purpose is to destroy our faith. HOWEVER. He has NO power over us unless we let him in. How powerful is that?

I think that's it for this week. I've seen tender mercy after miracle after blessing. It's still not easy, nor will it ever be. But I'm empowered by my testimony of the Savior and the truth of His restored gospel, and by all the prayers and sacrifices made that I can have the opportunity to share it. I love you all.

Love, Sister Clark

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